Among the many types of souvenirs, one that seems to be available and popular everywhere is keychains. Even though most people only need one or perhaps two keychains, those who buy them as souvenirs seem to get them everywhere they go, collecting more of them than could be used for purely practical purposes. This is because keychains make a great souvenir for a variety of reasons and are also very fun to collect on their own.

One of the concerns when getting souvenirs is always getting the objects home. You have to make sure you don’t misplace them while traveling, that they won’t break during travel, and that you have room for them in your bags. Keychains circumvent all of these concerns. Even if you don’t intend to use the keychain on a daily basis once you get home, you can attach it to your keys for the duration of the trip. These will likely be in your purse or carryon, so you can ensure that they don’t get lost in or with luggage. Keychains are small, so space won’t be a problem, and they are usually sturdily constructed because if they are used they will be carried around, so they are unlikely to break. acrylic keychain

Keychains are so collectible because they come in such a wide variety of styles. Even in the relatively limited purview of the souvenir keychains from one place, there is a wide variety of styles you can choose from. There will be keychains shaped like the state or country, keychains that are the name of the place, keychains with some sort of national or state mascot or animal, keychains made from some native object, and many more styles. In the broader collectible scene, the styles are pretty much unlimited. Keychains can be games in their own right, or practical flashlights or multitools, or glitzy, glamorous, and studded with real gems. The possibilities are endless, both to personalize your keys or to expand your collection.

In relation to there being many styles, it also seems like there are keychain versions of nearly any object you can get. There are keychain etch-a-sketches, simulated bubble wrap, character figures- if you can name it, it’s probably a keychain. This means that keychains get collected by other types of collectors as well as keychain collectors. If someone collects all paraphernalia and figures of a certain character or series, they will likely collect the keychains from that series as well. If there weren’t very many made, the keychains may be some of the more sought after items of the franchise. Even if the person doesn’t formally collect things pertaining to their favorite interest, many people like to buy keychains from media they like as a way to show others that they may have similar interests.

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