Burning fat and building muscle at the same time is actually not hard at all. I am a regular gym goer and often I have developed some ways to do effective gym practice at home if I do not have time to go to the gym. Here, I will share you 2 ways of fat burning and muscle building exercises that you can do in your house or in the vicinity of your residence area. ostarine

Cardio training

Cardio training is one of the most common way of fat burning. It can simply be defined as exercising for supplying more Oxygen and nutrient to the heart. So what are the cardio trainings which are effective? There are 2 kinds of cardio trainings , ie: Low intensity and High intensity cardio training.

Low intensity training (LIT) is basically exercises which are slow, continuous and easily done, for example slow jogging and swimming. LIT is for people who do not exercise often and having low fitness. Comparatively, HIT is more suitable for people who are having good fitness level. HIT can, of course, burn more fat and calories, but it is more anaerobic. So how do you do HIT? Sprint for 30 seconds, and walk 30 seconds and sprint 30 secs again and walk again….. do it for 4-6 times depends on your fitness level. Once you feel dizzy, stop doing it. And remember, always do 10-15 minutes warm up first before you start any exercises.


People always have a misunderstanding towards muscle training. Spending much time in the gym room does not mean you are training EFFECTIVELY. In fact sometimes, you are actually damaging the muscles. I am not too sure how people around are training actually, but here I will share you how I train my arm muscles AT HOME. You only need 1 tool to achieve it— dumbbell.

For people who are skinny, I suggest you to carry the heaviest weight that you can afford and lift it as many times as you can and stop and rest. While resting one of your arm, train another arm with the same method. Do it 3–4 times until you feel your arm is bursting and cannot lift anymore. During this training session, you might need a friend to help you to do part of the lifting, if not, it may be dangerous. Remember drink more milk or soy juice within the first 30 minutes after you finish your gym session. This is utterly important as to reach the greatest effectiveness, your body requires a lot of proteins to rebuild the muscles fibers. Many people neglect this last, simple step and may end up wasting more time to build a nice-looking body.


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